Create a Safe, Fun & Fair team environment.

Obtain and maintain your coaching accreditation.

Keep up to date with latest coaching developments by attending meetings and seminars.

Understand and abide by the Laws and Rules: – Including the Laws of the Game, the District By-laws and the rules of your Club.

Teach the Rules – to players and parents. Encourage your players to always play by the rules. Ensure that the rules are adhered to in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Develop team respect for opponents, umpires and coaches. It is also a coach’s responsibility to ensure that this respect is also shown from the parents of the players in your team. Take an active role in ensuring that your parents always show respect for opponents, umpires and coaches. This includes showing respect for the umpire’s decision.

Behave in a responsible manner at all times, on and off the field.

Act as a role model for players and other club members.

Do not swear or abuse players, umpires or officials.

Do not argue with umpires or officials.

Enjoy the game yourself and encourage others to do the same.

Remember that you are an ambassador for the Huntingdale Junior Football Club, the Perth District Football Development Council Competition, Central Conference Competition and AFL Football.

Focus on the child’s efforts and self-esteem rather than winning or losing.

Success as a coach should not be measured by winning a premiership, but by how many of your players continue to play football next year.


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Coaches and the players