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HJFC Auskick FAQs


Q:  What is Auskick?

A:  Auskick is designed for young children (boys and girls in Pre Primary, Year 1 and Year 2) as an introduction to Australian Rules Football in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Q:  How is Auskick structured?

A:  We run Auskick 2.0 at HJFC, which was successfully implemented at the Club in 2018.  Auskick 2.0 is based on using activity grids with frequent rotations and close parent involvement in order to provide a great learning environment & fun experience for our players.

Q:  How long is the season? 

A:  Typically there are 12 sessions (1 per week) with additional game events organised by the WAFC, such as the PP/Yr1 Round Robin and the Yr 2 Gala Day.  With BYES scheduled during school holidays, we run for around 14 weeks over the winter season.

Q:  How do I enroll at HJFC, and what are the fees?

A:  Fees for 2021 are $170, which are payable upon registration through the Play HQ website: Huntingdale Auskick Centre Registrations | PlayHQ or HJFC wesbite:   (Auskick Registration Tab)

Fees cover the Auskick pack, all relevant insurances and council levies, along with a team photo, participation award and club wind up at the end of the season. 

If you are a Health Care Card holder, you may be eligible for State Government funding of $150 Kidsport voucher to contribute towards your fees.  Apply for Kidsport via:  (Please note if you intend to use a Kidsport voucher, you are required to have an approved voucher number BEFORE registering on the AFL website) 

Q:  What do players wear as a uniform? 

A:  All players must wear HJFC Shorts and Socks on game day, with jumpers provided by the club and handed out by the Team Manager on the day.  We recommend all players wear football boots, which can be sourced from your local sports store. 

Shorts ($25), socks ($15) and other club merchandise (including Polo’s, Jumpers, Jackets & Beanies) can be sourced from the club via our online ordering system.

Q:  How do I order a uniform? 

A: Uniform orders are ONLINE ONLY.  Please visit the online Store section of our website to complete and submit an order form.  Orders are to be paid in full via direct bank deposit only (bank details on form).  Please ensure that you order your uniform at your earliest convenience to ensure your child can participate in Round 1.



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Game Day FAQs


Q:  What happens on Game Day?

A:  On game day, the players learn skills for around 45 minutes which is followed by a game of around 25 minutes, followed by player awards and singing the club song
Q:  What sorts of activities are there, and where can I get more information?

A: The activities have been developed by the AFL, which teach teamwork and the core skills of Australian Rules Football (such as kicking, marking, hand passing and bouncing). Check out the activities & videos via   
Q:  What involvement do I have as a Parent?

A:  All activities require Parent Helpers, who run the drills with “floating” assistance from the Coaches.  At the start of the season, the Team Managers create a roster which allocates Parent Helpers for each week, along with other tasks (cut fruit, wash jumpers, & canteen assistant).
Q:  What if I can’t help out on a particular day?

A:  Please let us know at the start of the season, otherwise please see your team manager ASAP to swap your allocated day with another parent.
Q:  Are there any training sessions during the week?

A:  At this stage, we plan to hold a weekly non-compulsory skills practice session where players and their parents can get one-on-one coaching on core skills.  (Please note we haven’t confirmed the day or time of the practice session, as it is dependent on oval availability once the Club has finalised all age groups for the 2020 season
Q:  How else can I help make Auskick awesome for our players?

A:  During the game day activities, please join in where you can (even if you’re not scheduled to help, as the players get a better experience.
Q:  What other events are held throughout the season?

A:  We organise a Team Photo and end-of-season Windup, and encourage all parents to assist throughout the year with events which may include a “bake sale” or running a BBQ. WAFC organised events include GALA Days (where HJFC teams play games against other Auskick clubs) and a Perth Demons Parade Day at Lathlain Park.


For more information, including questions on joining the HJFC Auskick 2021 Team (Coach & Team Managers), please email our Auskick Coordinator: